Get Your Akasha 21-Day Reset
Advanced Cleanse Today & Save 40%

Get Your Akasha 21-Day Reset
Advanced Cleanse Today & Save 40%

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Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • Quick Start Guide downloadable PDF and printed guide - a $50 value
  • ​Video Lessons from the Akasha Center Integrative Medicine Specialists - a $716 value
  • ​Ultracleanse Plus medical food to support metabolic detoxification and liver health -- a $111.25 value per container
  • ​Flora Plus dairy-free probiotics to balance intestinal bacteria, optimize the biome and enhance digestion, elimination and hormonal balance - A $46.75 value
  • ​Digestazyme digestive enzymes to improve digestion, better convert nutrients to energy, and reduce bloating - a $32.75 Value
  • ​Planning Tools and Templates - a $150 value:
  • 21-Day Reset Meal Template
  • Food Do’s and Don’ts 
  • Popular recipes from the Akasha kitchen
  • Daily meal planning guide
  • 10 Mind-Body Practices for an Integrative Reset 
  • ​ Reset Grocery Shopping List
  • AdvaCleanse “cleanse-in-a-capsule” formula for extra detoxification and gut-health support - a $68 value
  • ​Candi-free berberine hydrochloride formula to support detoxification and gut health - a $51.75 value
  • ​Akasha Greens superfood complex to energize, cleanse and nourish the gut - a $89 value
  • ​Chia seeds to promote good bacteria, stabilize blood sugar and regulate bowel movements - a $12 value
  • ​Weekly Health Coaching Support with our highly trained health coaching team - a $525 value

Regular Value $1,736.25
Last Price $825
Today ONLY $485

You Save 40%

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